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*Erythritol Solution 5% ( Sweetener )

*Erythritol Solution 5% ( Sweetener )
Erythritol 5% PG Soloution is a natural e-liquid sweetener, designed for those wanting to avoid synthetic sweeteners. Because erythritol remains stable at high temperatures, it will protect the performance of your atomizer by preventing caramelization, or “gunking,” of your coils and wicks. Try this natural sweetener today, use same percentages as you would other sweeteners ( 1 - 2% ) although in my opinion not quite as sweet, maybe try a few extra drops

Please note: it is normal for this soloution to crystallize, just give a hot water bath, do not microwave. 

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Erythritol is one of our three natural eLiquid sweetener alternatives for those looking to stray away from synthetics. Synthetic structures like sucralose have mass losses at lower temperatures (320F!!!), resulting in premature caramelization of coils and wicks, severely reducing atomizer performance. Erythritol is EXTREMELY heat stable and similar in glycerol in heat performance, withstanding temperatures up to 625F without degradation or major mass loss. This is a performance sweetener if there is one.
“Erythritol is a 4 carbon saturated sugar alcohol, very similar to VG, which is a 3 carbon sugar alcohol. However, Erythritol is significantly sweeter in solution, comparable to 1/4 – 1/2 the sweetness of sucralose in vaping solutions.

This product is formulated and exported by Nude Ncotine in the US

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H Steve


Nov 13, 2016
Forget all other sweetners
Try it you won't regret it
F Daniel


Nov 5, 2016
The best sweetner I have used
I usually avoid sweeteners whenever I can because they either leave a weird aftertaste or gunk up coils very quickly, but sometimes they are necessary to turn a good juice into an amazing juice. I used this in a couple of juices I mixed up recently and I was amazed with the results. What I had was a nice subtle sweetness that cut off some of the bitterness in a few juices I used and balanced the entire flavour profile nicely, turning a juice I'd vape every now and then into an ADV. I used this at 1% to take the edge off some of the fruity mixes I made up and at 0.5% in a custard just to give it a little more depth and found myself vaping because of the taste rather than getting a nicotine fix, so I was also able to cut the amount of nicotine I was adding by half with no extra cravings. If you're sitting there after mixing a new recipe and thinking "This is good, but it needs something extra" then give this a go, you'll be amazed. I used to use EM10% (more commonly known as Cotton Candy) in small amounts but even using SS 316L in TC mode I would get gunked coils after a few tanks, but with this, I have been able to use the same coils and cotton for over 2 weeks and my cotton only went a little brown at the top where I had burned it because my temperature was a little too high, but the coils were still clean. You will probably get some crystallization if your bottle is sitting for a while, but it's nothing a good shake won't fix, and while this happened to the concentrate itself, this did not happen to my juices. In conclusion, I highly recommend you at least try this, it will change vaping for you entirely, and being made from all natural products just makes it that little bit better.
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