Changes to Sydney Vapour

Sydney Vapour has now been around for over 4 years and we have seen many changes to legislation in every state of Australia, in NSW for example all vaping products are now under the tobacco act which makes it very difficult to legally trade in NSW

As Sydney Vapour does not sell e-cigarettes but has focused on Flavour Concentrates we have decided to change the name of our business to Flavour World, at least for the flavour concentrates.

Flavour World will only sell Food Grade Flavour Concentrates and will not sell e-juice or promote vaping on its site, we will still continue to sell our DIY accessories including PGVG but will simply remove any reference from vaping.

This will allow us to use products like After Pay etc and allow us to install a rewards program on the new site, at the moment it is illegal to offer free samples or offer a reward product for any vaping product, this will also protect us from any future negative legislation on selling e-juice online. is live now and is being redirected to, so please use to access this site. will be redirected for a short time to and we suggest that you change your bookmarks to Flavour World, all your accounts from Sydney Vapour will remain with Flavour World as we are only changing the URL, you will not need to reset your passwords.

In Due Course Sydney Vapour will become an E-juice and VGPG site and will be available at we hope to have this to happen around the end of October 2018

The 2 websites will be different entities, Flavour World is a Pty Ltd Company and Sydney Vapour will just be a sole trader, we cannot offer shared shipping.

If you have any questions please contact us through our contact page