E-Juice Recipe Packs

E-Juice Recipe Packs

Now here is your chance to make your own ejuice for a fraction of the cost

You will 1 x 10ml each of the following concentrates

These are competition winning Ejuice recipe packs from www.flavourworld.com.au and the Facebook group DIY DOWNUNDER Plus a few of my Favourite recipes  

For 2 years Flavour World held a competition to come up with the Best Flavour Recipe Packs
Below are the winning recipes.
To make these ejuice recipes simply add the below concentrates in the percentages mentioned, then add your VGPG mixture shake and vape
Its a great easy way to start making your own

Product Use and Disclaimer
Flavour World & Sydney Vapour sells Food Grade Flavour Concentrates and Ejuice for use by the general public, none of our products contain nicotine