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Perique Black Tobacco Vape

Perique Black Tobacco Vape

A powerful and strong tobacco taste, the closest flavour to real full strength cigarettes

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4.14/5 - 7 New Reviews

A powerful and strong tobacco taste, the closest flavour to real full strength cigarettes

I repeat that this is a strong tobacco flavour. can be further diluted to taste


G Erick

Jan 31, 2018
Feels like a punishment
Wasn't what I had expected. Bought 125m of this thinking I'll use it when I crave a cigarette. Excited to try it, so I filled my TFV12 tank with it. Vaped it.................................. took at least 4 drags. Emptied my TFV12 tossed the coil.This was like eating the ashtray content after a smoking session. <116ml bottle will stay parked for now.
Hi yes some customers love the taste and others dont, its a very strange vape
Dalia Melrose

Jul 10, 2016
This tastes like real strong cigarettes I added a little vanilla, im going to use this as my all day vape this is great its a bit strong but I like it like that
Lara Page

Jul 10, 2016
Way too powerful for me
But my mum LOVES it!! sorry for the 3 stars but not my cup of tea although the description is accurate lol

Jul 10, 2016
Perique Black
The Daddy of them all! Rough and heavy enough to kill fag cravings while still being nice enough to vape constantly. Which I did. I was genuinely upset when I finished this one. I'll be stocking up on this one on payday. What a deal! 5/5
Robert M.

Jul 10, 2016
A good honest strong flavour
I was not sure about this when I first tried it but it just grew on me. It has an excellent throat hit and I would suggest a taste that would appeal to a vaper who likes a strong taste. It is one that I would buy again.
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