Capella Flavour Drops are water soluble, highly concentrated, multi-purpose flavour concentrates.

Capella Flavour Drops contain no fats, calories, sweeteners or sodium.

The highly concentrated nature of their Flavour Drops allows them to deliver a superior flavour concentrate, free from preservatives and stabilisers. Many flavoured syrups require the addition of preservatives to inhibit mould growth due to the syrup's high water and sugar content.Capella Flavour Drops deliver honest, undiluted, preservative-free flavour.

Capella Flavour Drops are proudly made with the finest ingredients in San Marcos, California USA.

Capella are purchased in bulk and rebottled under Sydney Vapour, except the 4oz options these come in original packaging from Capella, please note that it is normal for some 4oz bottles to be slightly crushed, this is due to the air pressure on international flights not the packing

Capella 4oz bottles have a shelf life of 2 years or more unopened