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Arctic Winter (Artic Menthol) FlavourArt Concentrate

Arctic Winter (Artic Menthol) FlavourArt Concentrate


Cool down your flavours with the strong mint kick of Menthol Arctic. Use it by itself for its classic menthol taste or use it in your own unique recipe to add some strength to your tobacco, dessert, and floral DIY e-liquid recipes

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Apr 1, 2018
Arctic winter
Wow!! What a surprise this flavour is, I do not do Menthol full stop. This as a stand-alone @ 3% is beautiful not Menthol strong at all to me. I have added to many mixes 1%, Fruits, deserts, tobacco. Lovely clean, it’s incredible highly recommend, I could just keep writing about this flavour it’s truely unique.
C Tracey

Mar 22, 2018
Got to love Menthol
This flavour is wonderful to add to fruit flavors, but I enjoy it with butterscotch to achieve the good ole buttermenthol.
D Danyel

Nov 20, 2017
Not my cup of tea however...
My friend whom I mix for, loves this stuff and tell's me it's the bee's knees.
S Adrian

Nov 20, 2017
Fantastic menthol
Really cool, made some nice menthol tobacco mixes.
David (Jay Peabody)

Jul 10, 2016
Outstanding flavor
FlavourArt has done it again. The crisp clean coldness of Artic Menthol adds that bite that Menthol lovers crave.
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