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Coconut by FlavourArt - Concentrate

Coconut by FlavourArt - Concentrate


Coconut is thick and rich in flavour with a unique hint of sweetness. Vape this unique flavour on its own, or include it in your own unique DIY e-liquid recipe for a taste of the tropics. Coconut tastes great when combined with bread, coffee, dessert, and liquor flavours (especially rum!). Essential to keep it stocked if you want to feel like a pirate when you plunder the internet for new material to adapt to your own e-liquid recipe book.

Suggested percentage 2-3%

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4.00/5 - 1 review

This is creamy, realistic coconut flavour like raw coconut meat/milk or coconut cream. It’s the same level of sweetness as genuine coconut – not sugar-coated, not a candy flavour, not at all artificial tasting. It’s a great tropical touch for fruit blends, tobaccos, coffee, and bakery recipes. Mix with sweet candy flavours for candy bars. Excellent in cocktail-type vapes – just like coconut cream. When building a recipe, keep in mind that you taste Coconut as a lingering flavour at the end of an exhale. For dry coconut flavour, add FA Oakwood. They combine for a coconut-husk effect, like the paper-thin, light brown, inner shell of a coconut (a good combination for coconut tobaccos.) FA Cardamom is superb with Coconut. It adds an exotic spice touch and sweetens the exhale. They’re a classic pair. Have you noticed that all coconut flavourings produce a little extra vapour?


Apr 11, 2017
Used in a blend. Recommended
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