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Cola by FlavourArt - Concentrate

Cola by FlavourArt - Concentrate


This is great Coke flavour ( USA Pleasure ) . It requires NO steep at all and does not change flavour or 'go flat' over time. It's a flavouring that vapes extremely clean and tastes great by itself. It even gives you a bubbly, carbonated effect, FA Cola with 2% FA Black Cherry is the perfect Cherry Coke. For ice in your Coke, add a little Koolada

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4.20/5 - 5 New Reviews

Please note this flavour tends to seperate, please just shake well before use.

N Robert

Jun 11, 2017
Close, but aren't they all
Been vaping 7 years and damn it hard to find a satisfying cola. If only they vaped like they smell. The closest was a cherry cola from the States.What this has in its favour is the color which goes along way to the sight/flavour association of a vape. Also a strong color so I keep it minimal.This one along with other colas (for me) require some tweaking. Use usually use 2 drops of this, 2 drops of the Inewera Cola and 2 drops of the Cherry Cola to 30ml. To push it over the line I add 2 drops of sweetner (or cotton candy) and drops to taste of Musk Stick (lollie) flavor sourced else where. I try for a Pepsi Max flavour.Not the best, but none are. Definitely not the worse. Is it disappointing? NO 4 stars cause I don't give 5'sA tip, if you order a cola from anywhere and it is urine yellow coloured. GIVE IT A MISS! lols
T Brett

Feb 28, 2017
Cant go wrong with this.
Top Cola taste. With Brandy, Rum, Bourbon, this is nice. Some like it at 3% personally i like it at 6%. Good flavour.

Nov 2, 2016
Went spicey at low %
Its ok for the first day , but i found it went spicey very quick most of the time at a low % . And cause a few mixes to go bad
Hi Mick, you only just purchased this product, when making ejuice with FlavourArt Cola you need to let them steep at least for 10 days
W Odette

Oct 15, 2016
My new ADV
Wow. I wasn't sure what to expect of a cola flavour, but this is delicious. I did 3% at 50/50 and 6mg and vaped straight away. This is defiantly one of my new All day vapes. The cola tastes like coke bottle lollies but not sickly sweet. I don't even drink coke so even if you don't either, I would highly suggest getting a bottle of this. No steep time. Im going to add cherry for a cherry cola vape next :)
C Erin

Sep 29, 2016
Tastes like those coke bottle lollies. Very tasty
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