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Perique Black Concentrate

Perique Black Concentrate


Very strong full flavoured tobacco, ideal if you want to stop smoking
Mix starting at 2%
I repeat that this is a strong raw tobacco flavour. Should be Diluted to taste

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5.00/5 - 4 New Reviews

Apr 7, 2017
: Perique Black Concentrate
A nother awesome flavor 2-3% steep for one to Two weeks, I get home change from my daily vape to Perique Black and kick back and with a drink and relax, awesome 10/ 10. I love it ! :-)

Feb 10, 2017
Me an Smokey have at least something in common, P Black is my absolute fave. Mixes well with my two other faces, Latakia and Virginia by the one and only.... FlaviurArt

Nov 8, 2016
Love it, love it, love it. Quite simply, I love this juice. One of my 3 staple tobacs, mixes well with the other 2, Latakia and Virginia. All by Flavour Art...... a coincidence perhaps

Jul 10, 2016
I like it
yes its strong but you can control how much you put in, i added little vanilla and vape wizard great tobacco taste
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