Super Strength Concentrates

Super Strength Concentrates


Flavor Revoloution

Whether it's tasty delicious fruits, or desserts Flavour Revolution has you covered! Made in the USA and mainly sourced in the food industry their appearance in the vaping industry is not well known, however their extremely concentrated (2-3% needed) and mouth watering flavourings will leave you satisfied! Give them a shot, we can assure you you'll find a flavour you love!

Their flavours are consistently rated excellent by consumers. We never add diketones, acetyl propionyl or acetoin. Their highly concentrated flavours make for a great vaping experience and provide excellent value.

At Flavor Revolution, scientists are constantly scouring the globe for the highest quality ingredients. This allows them to create the highest quality, most innovative flavours on the market today. Flavor Revolution flavours are manufactured to exacting standards in their state of the art facility.

1x10ml could make up to 500ml of ejuice Purchased in bulk and repackaged by Sydney Vapour

Real Flavors

Super Strength Concentrates 10mls Real Flavors is a privately held and operated wholesale natural flavouring company that has been satisfying clients for over a decade. Real Flavors is an FDA certified laboratory capable of serving all types of industries from food and beverage to oral medications. Based out of Troy, Michigan, USA, they are sold worldwide and come in Super Strength and Normal Strength Real Flavors are 100% Alcohol Based Natural Extracts, NO PG or VG at all, we are selling only the SUPER STRENGTH and caution should be used. Any concentrate that has a colour is the colour from the natural extract, there is no artificial colour For recipes & steeping notes etc here is a good link Imported in bulk and bottled by Sydney Vapour, Please Note: These Flavours will be discontinued when sold to increase the range of the Flavor Revolution concentrates