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Fruit Circles by Silverline
Disappointing as it is a new Capella premium flagship flavour concentrate from 'Silverline'.Unst ...
Jan 19, 2018
Strawberry Shortcake
Very very good. Buff said!
Jan 19, 2018
Perique Black Concentrate
Love it! As far as normal cigarette flavours go, this is the best! Excellent for beginners & that al ...
Jan 19, 2018
Philippine Mango Concentrate TFA
First time i have tried this and now one of my favourites, mixes so well with Lychee, Coconut and ot ...
Jan 19, 2018
Raspberry SWEET Concentrate TFA
I mix this with coconut and it is like vaping a Cherry Ripe, so much better than cherry.
Jan 19, 2018

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Real Flavors There are 25 products.

REAL FLAVORS! - Super Strength Concentrates 10mls

Real Flavors is a privately held and operated wholesale natural flavouring company that has been satisfying clients for over a decade. Real Flavors is an FDA certified laboratory capable of serving all types of industries from food and beverage to oral medications.

Based out of Troy, Michigan, USA, they are sold worldwide and come in Super Strength and Normal Strength

Real Flavors are 100% Alcohol Based Natural Extracts, NO PG or VG at all, we are selling only the SUPER STRENGTH and caution should be used.

Any concentrate that has a colour is the colour from the natural extract, there is no artificial colour

For recipes & steeping notes etc here is a good link

Imported in bulk and bottled by Sydney Vapour, Please Note: These Flavours are discounted and will be discontinued when sold