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Dragons Blood Clone

Dragons Blood Clone
  • You will receive 1 x 10ml bottle of each of the following concentrates
  • Dragonfruit - 10%
  • Strawberry Ripe - 4%
  • Bavarian Cream - 2%
  • Sweet Cream - 1%
  • Vanilla Swirl - 3%
  • Cotton candy - 1%

Concentrates which are in this pack (10mls )

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4.83/5 - 12 New Reviews

Clone of a very well known e-juice whose name I cant mention due to trade mark but this is bloody fantastic , pardon the pun

All favours from TFA.

Hot water bath and steeped for 72 hours with no lid and covered with a small piece of paper towel to reduce contaminants.

Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

  • If any single concentrate is out of stock this item will show awaiting delivery
C Allan

Dec 17, 2017
The best D.I.Y. vape
This is now my adv and I have had lot over time but this is the best. Needs a 3 day steep but then on only gets better.Will be made again and again etc.
C Garry

Sep 6, 2017
Been mixing this for a while now Bit of a Knack.Do-not bring the warm bath temp to high and don't use any ultrasonic. Sometimes the open cap steep or the continuous opening of a larger bottles seem to cause the dragonfruit and strawberrry ripe to dissipate.(mabe alcohol based?) For best results after the open cap steep and a few weeks closed cap steep, re apply a 3-4% dragon fruit and 1-2% strawberry ripe "shot" right before vaping. If this is done correctly there would be very few people who didn't find this recipe "mouth watering"
B Steve

Aug 22, 2017
Great service
Bought the clone pack with my last order Gotta say it's a great juice Had 3 orders with Sydney vapour now and the products and speedy delivery are awesome and so are the Sour chews!! Keep up the good work john

Feb 4, 2017
nice - made a little adjustment and it came out great
DragonFruit - 7% Strawberry Ripe - 3.5% Bavarian Cream - 1% Sweet Cream - 1% Vanilla Swirl - 2% Cotton Candy - 1%
Joe cook

Jan 17, 2017
One of my favorite adv. Even better with a minimum of a week steep
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