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Citrus Mix by FlavourArt Concentrate
Exactly as the description say's, best citrus flavour I have tried
Sep 20, 2017
Lime Tahiti Cold Pressed by FlavourArt
The flavour is exactly as if you were eating one, from the peel to the inside and juice
Sep 20, 2017
Mandarin from FlavourArt Concentrate
Unbelievable, taste is exact, from the peel, the inside and the juice
Sep 20, 2017
Krispy Kreme Doughnut Recipe
This is a great recipe and overcame my vapours tongue with something I dont usually have. Doesn't ta ...
Sep 13, 2017

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Dragons Blood Clone

Dragons Blood Clone
  • You will receive 1 x 10ml bottle of each of the following concentrates
  • Dragonfruit - 10%
  • Strawberry Ripe - 4%
  • Bavarian Cream - 2%
  • Sweet Cream - 1%
  • Vanilla Swirl - 3%
  • Cotton candy - 1%

Concentrates which are in this pack (10mls )

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4.82/5 - 11 New Reviews

Clone of a very well known e-juice whose name I cant mention due to trade mark but this is bloody fantastic , pardon the pun

All favours from TFA.

Hot water bath and steeped for 72 hours with no lid and covered with a small piece of paper towel to reduce contaminants.

Start with PG/VG/Nic base of your choice.

  • If any single concentrate is out of stock this item will show awaiting delivery
C Garry

Sep 6, 2017
Been mixing this for a while now Bit of a Knack.Do-not bring the warm bath temp to high and don't use any ultrasonic. Sometimes the open cap steep or the continuous opening of a larger bottles seem to cause the dragonfruit and strawberrry ripe to dissipate.(mabe alcohol based?) For best results after the open cap steep and a few weeks closed cap steep, re apply a 3-4% dragon fruit and 1-2% strawberry ripe "shot" right before vaping. If this is done correctly there would be very few people who didn't find this recipe "mouth watering"
B Steve

Aug 22, 2017
Great service
Bought the clone pack with my last order Gotta say it's a great juice Had 3 orders with Sydney vapour now and the products and speedy delivery are awesome and so are the Sour chews!! Keep up the good work john

Feb 4, 2017
nice - made a little adjustment and it came out great
DragonFruit - 7% Strawberry Ripe - 3.5% Bavarian Cream - 1% Sweet Cream - 1% Vanilla Swirl - 2% Cotton Candy - 1%
Joe cook

Jan 17, 2017
One of my favorite adv. Even better with a minimum of a week steep
P Mike

Jan 9, 2017
Not bad at all
Not too bad.. Definitely needs the 3 day steep and it really came alive.. sadly bit too creamy for my liking but im going to try adjusting the recipe slightly next time.. Still a good solid vape tho and will prob stay in the rotation.
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